Handmade Oh Baby Card



A while back I drew some birds on my computer and knew I would use them for something eventually. I decided to make a baby card with them using my Cameo Silhouette. I popped them off the card and drew the legs. I wanted the theme to be in fun colors rather than the traditional baby pastels and I wanted it to be gender non-specific. This is what I came up with!

Cameo Silhouette Fun



I just received my Cameo Silhouette and I’m experimenting with a few downloaded projects. I started out thinking I was going to make a trial milk carton crate and after adding a few personal touches, it ended up being a keeper. I used my Copic markers to add a little flair and wallah! I highly recommend the Designer software. It’s been a lot of fun!

Copic Sketch Markers – I feel an addiction coming on!


IMG_1598 IMG_1597


I’m not an artist by any means.  Well I guess it depends on the definition of artist.  So here is my first attempt at using Copic Sketch art markers.  I get tired of spending a lot more time trying to draw things on my computer so I thought I would wing it free-handed style and make a wedding shower card.  I drew my inspiration from a stamp and altered it to my liking.  My colors are few and far between since Copic Sketch markers come in over 350 colors.  I loved how I could make my own polka dots and it looks like patterned paper.

I have a lot more experimenting to do, but I do feel like this could be an addiction for me!  Coupons will definitely come in handy for future purchases.  Especially since the pens can run around $7/each.  To purchase at the best price on line, go to dickblick on line.  The price drops down closer to $5.25 each.

Handmade Flower Flip card




Just messing around on my computer, I took some simple lines and made them a little quirky, added a polka dot edge, then masked out a blackboard shape to use with a chalkboard looking font. I mirrored the chalkboard outline above and created a printable pattern to make a card. Once I had my basic design/pattern, I added layered pieces of colored paper over the front flower edge.

What’s nice about it, I can go in an change the colors of my patterns to make completely different cards. I’m totally loving my new envelope maker as I’m finding ways to use old sheets of paper that have been collecting dust for a while!

You don’t have to have a computer to make this card. You can start with a precut card stock card and create a cut out shape using a circle pattern that drops of the top edge.