Great Hairstyling Products


Today I wanted to share with you my current favorite hair products. I change products depending on the length of my hair and how I am currently styling it. My hair has been growing out from a very short, spiky look into a medium layered bob. And since my age is a factor, I have decided that my hair needs more color than highlights to hide the gray. (ouch!) I am lucky to have a daughter that is a hairstylist also, but she lives in California and I live in Colorado. I try to squeeze in hair foiling when she is here and do some touch-ups in between. I’m kind of cheap when it comes to my own hair as I have a hard time paying for someone to cut my hair when I can do it myself and get what I want. But these products are what I currently use for some lift, hold and heat protection. Good tools do make a difference girls! I suggest paying extra for a good blowdryer and curling iron, but most importantly, don’t settle for anything less than good professional products.

My Current Favorite Hairstyling Products

The two products on the left are Redken products that I use for lift. I don’t use them both together, but choose one or the other according to my style that day. The Redken Aerate 08 (08 is the hold factor) is a solid mousse that gives your hair some airiness without being sticky. So if you are looking for a fluffier hair style that day, I would use that. The next Redken product is Blown Away 09, so it gives your hair a little more hold power. I use it when I use my straightener when I want to add a little more curl to my style.

The other 3 products are by Kenra. The one on the left is a Blow Dry Spray for advanced thermal protectant. I use this right before I blow-dry my hair to protect it from the heat. The product on the far right is smoothing creme. Although my hair is not frizzy and this product would help with that, I sometimes want a smoother look, so I use a very small amount before the Blow Dry Spray. And last would be the tallest product, super hold finishing spray 25. What I love about this product is the fact that you can hold the can away from your hair farther for a light, moveable hairstyle, or use more of it for a crisper hold, without being sticky.

I hope you enjoy the tiny tidbitz of info I provided for you about my some of my favorite hairstyling products. I don’t get paid to advertise for them, I just love how they work in my hair.


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