I love inspiration!  I find myself spending hours searching for things to get me inspired.  It may be a hair style or haircut and that is mostly due to the fact that I am a hairstylist by trade. But I also get inspired by seeing what people create out of used items such as thrift store items or things from the past.

It’s the vintage aspect of shopping around that makes if fun for me. I can spend my lunch hour going to a thrift store hoping to find that treasure.  I like the uniqueness of decorating with something that wouldn’t be a common item in another person’s home.  I think that is why I enjoy crafts.  Not only do you end up with something that no one else may have, you end up with something that has energy and warmth from the person who created it or previously owned it.

I’ve always had this desire to make and pad my own notepads.  I found some padding compound on line and used clips to hold the paper together while the pads were drying.  I used lots of old scrapbook paper that was just sitting around and found some inspiration/ideas on Pinterest to get me started.  I wasn’t feeling creative enough to come up with my own paper, so I used 1/2 size index cards that came in different colors in a pack.  I found it was too hard to cut my own paper to the exact size for every sheet, so buying the index cards worked well for me.  I ended up making nearly 30 pads that I gave to co-workers, friends and family during the holidays.  With a little inspiration, I created something that people loved, would think of me when they used it, and something that was very low cost and easy to make!

I hope that I might have “inspired” you by my Bitz & Pieces:)


Homemade Note Pads

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