Argan Oil – a new favorite!

Argan Oil – a new favorite!

Wow.  I got home from work today and my package arrived from Mountain Rose Herbs!  I am so excited about it, I had to post!  I couldn’t wait to get the Argan Oil that I ordered.  It’s exotic and kind of expensive, but has amazing benefits for your skin and hair.  I have been washing my face with Lavender Castile soap for the past week now and I am very impressed with the outcome of using such a simple product with organic oils on my face.  I thought using oil on oily skin was a bad thing, but it’s been completely the opposite of what I thought using good healthy oils without all the preservatives.

Anyway, I used straight Argan oil on my face after washing it with my Castile soap and the results and feel are amazing.  It feels so smooth and soft.  Some of the benefits of Argan oil are that it can reduce lines and wrinkles, softens, protects against sun damage, helps heal acne and reduces the appearance of the scarring, great for stretch marks and redness, and on and on.

It is expensive as it is very hard and labor intensive to produce.  It comes from the nuts produced on the Moroccan Argan trees.  Kind of funny, but the goats over there climb the trees to eat the nuts.  Pretty fun to see pictures of!

The oil is also very nice on hair.  I haven’t tried it directly on my hair yet, but some of my favorite professional hair products contain Argan oil, so I can’t imagine it being anything less than amazing.  I will keep you posted!

Argan Oil

Argan Oil - a new favorite

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