Kate’s Breakfast Bowls – New Orleans Style


Today I’m in California with my daughter Chelsea, visiting my daughter Kate.  Kate and her husband Scott had visited New Orleans and one of the things that they had for breakfast was a “Breakfast Bowl”.  I was the lucky recipient of Kate’s version of the Breakfast Bowl.  It consisted of brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo (tomatoes, onions and cilantro), fresh avocado,  and chorizo – all topped with shredded cheese and 2 poached eggs.  It’s a different breakfast idea and very filling but oh so good.  How can you resist?

Kate's Breakfast Bowls - New Orleans Style

And yesterday we went to the “Food Truck Show” in Palm Springs.  Had some interesting food.  Among them was a tornado sweet potato skewer, awesome ice cream and the most outrageous choice was chocolate covered bacon.  Yep we all had to try it.  Our reaction was “it’s different, hmm”.  Here is a picture Chelsea and Katie holding the chocolate bacon which we dipped in Sriracha sauce.

Chels & Kate holding Chocolate Covered Bacon

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