Lavender Mimosas


Lavender Syrup

Lavender Simple Syrup

Easter Brunch…mimosas sound like fun!  I like regular mimosas with the standard champagne/sparkling wine and orange juice.  However, I wanted to make them special for easter.  I made some blended fruit puree out of frozen peaches, raspberries and organic cane sugar.  A couple of teaspoons in a glass of champagne was nice for a change, but I wanted something different.

I had purchased some lavender buds to make tea with and thought lavender mimosas would be fun to try. They actually turned out to be my favorite.  I heated a cup of water and dissolved a cup of organic sugar in the water.  Then I used a fillable tea bag with 2 spoonfuls of lavender and steeped it in the warm brew for about 10 minutes.  The result was a very simple lavender syrup.  I used a couple of spoonfuls in a glass of champagne and it turned out delightful.  However, more is not best when it comes to lavender.  You just want to bring a note of flavor to whatever you are making.  Enjoy!  I thought it was 2amaysing!


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