Gift Sack Bag Ideas

Gift Sack Bag Ideas


I wanted to have sacks on hand for people who are taking home my homemade skin care products. I really didn’t need anything big but I wanted to make it look better than an average sack. I ended up purchasing lime green bags and white bags in various sizes from the craft store. I cut the tops down with my fun scissors to give them an “edgy” look. I used up some left over stickers and made some labels to put on them. My purpose was to provide a place for my mini-cards. I ordered mini cards with the corners already rounded. I didn’t want a lot of information on the card as I want to tell people in person all about my products they are interested in and the amazing oils that are in them. So I just made a fun design that I use on my labels and such to create a bigger design on the back of the cards. I punched a small hole in one end of the card so I could tie a string to the card, making it easier to identify in a wallet full of others.

Simple, but effective and so much fun!



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