Homemade Body Lotion with Sunscreen


I wanted to make a body lotion which would be a cross between my hard lotion bars and body butter.  I love both products, but have been thinking about an in-between lotion that is softer than a lotion bar, but firmer than body butter.  With the summer months approaching, I definitely wanted to add titanium dioxide to a couple of them for sunscreen protection, especially in my citrus lotions since they are photo-sensitizing and you can burn easily.

I made a large batch but distributed them in separate containers with different essential oils.  I added the titanium dioxide last in the containers.  I made Lavender, Lavender-Lemongrass, Lemon-lime, and Orange.  I applied the Lemon Lime on myself to test it in the sun.  I did yard work for appx. 6 hours in the sun and I only got a slight color on my arms, but no burn.  I used my face sunscreen that I made (in a previous post) and it worked really well.  The Titanium Dioxide makes the lotion appear whiter (I used olive oil so there is a slight green tint).  I’m very pleased with the results!

Body Lotion

Body Lotion (the one on the right has Titanium Dioxide)

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