The Joys of Being a Mom

The Joys of Being a Mom

If I was perfect, I don’t think I would be a great mom.  I have 2 daughters and I feel I can pass along a lot of good information by learning from my own mistakes.  I did the best I could do given the circumstances I had.  And the end result is 2amaysing daughters.  Not only do I have 2amaysing daughters, I gained an “amaysing” son-in-law as well.

I didn’t always make them breakfast, I taught them how to make it for themselves.  When they didn’t take care of the laundry I did, I taught them how to do it themselves.  When they tried to fight, I intervened and let them know that hate is a powerful word and should never be used.  When they mouthed off, I introduced them to the taste of soap on their tongue.

As for me, I worked out of necessity and not neccesarily by choice.  I worked from home while they were little as I couldn’t stand the thought of someone else raising my kids.  When they were in grade school, I worked at the school.  I wasn’t always there to give them a ride home when they needed it.  They sometimes had to wait, but I hope it showed them my committment to balance both worlds so I could afford sports and activities that would make them grow in different ways.

Getting flowers on Mother’s Day and having them cook a delightful breakfast was perfect.  I know they can survive on their own, I know they can get to the next level with work and dedication.  I know they know that the world is not perfect; it’s hard and cruel at times, but perseverance and faith can get you through it.  I know they realize that they are placed in different situations in life and you have to make the best of it at times to move ahead to the next stage.

I know I did okay.  Not just okay, but I did a great job.

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