Helichrysum Essential Oil – Everlasting


My newest essential oil purchase includes Helichrysum Essential Oil.  I was intrigued by the many benefits it has to offer.  The thing that caught my eye the most was how helpful it could be for bruising and bleeding.  Well, I had a first hand experience using the oil and I have to say I am very impressed.  I was cleaning up the dinner dishes and I managed to give myself a nice cut while washing a knife.  I could tell that it was going to be a bleeder and while rushing upstairs I was thinking to myself that I hope I wouldn’t need stitches.  I happened to read a lot of information in the past couple of weeks about Helichrysum Essential Oil and one of the things I read was that you can put it “neat” (meaning without dilution of a carrier oil) on a wound to help stop the bleeding quicker.  Yep after a few continuous drops on my cut, it slowed the bleeding down really quick.  So of course, I had to blog my amazement of how well it worked.

I continue to find natural remedies that seem 2amaysing.  My passion for these oils are slowly getting my respect as I experience them personally and find out how beneficial they are if used correctly.  Even after 15 minutes, other than the bandaid I put on my thumb, I wouldn’t even be able to tell that I cut my finger.  It’s not painful at all and I feel confident that the Helicrysum provided the anti-septic that my finger needed and the wound will heal faster than expected.

I’m still experimenting and I’m sure I will find other great ways to use this wonderful oil!  I will be sure to post updates.

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My mind constantly thrives on how I can create my next idea. I look for inspiration and run with it. It's amazing what you can produce if you put a little heart into the things you are passionate about and love to do.

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