Gearing up for the Holidays – Creative Labeling

Gearing up for the Holidays – Creative Labeling

Holiday Labels

I love the creative side that comes alive inside me.  My favorite homemade product has to be the lotion bars I created. I have to say, they are the best when it comes to cracked heals, hence my lotion bar label for the Holidays – “Hoof Helper”.  Packaging can really make a difference when selling product.  I must have redesigned my basic label at least 10 times.  Since I only do it as a craft for friends and family, I’m not locked into a mass produced label purchased from a company.  I print small label designs from the comfort of my own home on my inkjet printer. Laser-Injet Labels  has a variety of different labels that work really well for me.  Unfortunately, the custom size I want is not available so I cut my own from a full 8.5×11 sheet.  That way I can put more labels on a sheet and I use my corner rounder to finish the corners and the fact that all printers require their own quirks to make the label fit correctly with the printer, makes the full sheet a better option for me.  Have fun, get inspiration on the web.  If you don’t have a program to create your own drawings, then draw a picture out on a piece of paper by tracing and coloring it.  Take a picture of it, crop it and do it that way.

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