Hostess Gift – Solar Lid Mason Jar

Hostess Gift – Solar Lid Mason Jar

Lit up Snowman Mason Jar


Solar lighted Mason Jar. Testing the view in a dark place.

I needed a Hostess Gift for Thanksgiving.  I was lucky to find these solar mason jar lids at a little store.  I passed them up the first time, but after shopping at craft stores and combing the malls and all the places I thought I could find a great gift idea, I settled on a mason jar.  I bought the solar lid for $12, the jar at a thrift store for $.79 and used craft stuff I knew I already at home.  I did buy heavier gauge wire.

I used epsom salt in the bottom for snow and took an embossed snowman that I had leftover from years ago when I made my own Christmas cards and just stuck him in the salt using a pair of pliers to push him down in.  I already had some Christmas ribbon left over from wine bottle bags I made a while back.  I found some sticky mesh and cut scraps to cover the Kerr lettering in the back on the jar.  Then I used some quotations that I had lying around, tore the edges and Mod Podged it to the mesh.

I used some left over beads to dangle from one of the sides and used jute to cover the wire that holds the hanger.  The lid is water proof so it can be used outside.  I did not glue anything to the lid in case a person may want to change the jar out seasonly, but any mason jar lid ring will work.  I liked the silver simplicity of it so I left it alone.  I believe you can find solar lids on line.  I didn’t have time to shop around since I was in a crunch.  Here are pictures of the front and back unlit.S orry my pictures are not the best:)


Front of Mason Snowman Jar



This is how the mason jar looks unlit. I used craft things I already had.
Back of Mason Jar

This is where I used the mesh on the back of the jar to cover up the Kerr lettering.







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