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It’s always fun to change it up a bit and create a different look for labels. Since I only play around with graphics for fun, it gives me something to do.

I found some downloadable label shapes on line as well as some chalkboard backgrounds. I created a mask with the shape and background and downloaded some chalkboard type fonts for fun.

This is a label I used for a lavender lotion bar I made with olive oil rather than coconut oil. It came out great by the way!


Chalkboard Illustrations


What is it about Chalkboard Illustration that makes it so fun?  I don’t know if it brings back the childhood in me or if it’s the creative side of all the cool fonts you can use.  Today I played around with some fonts to make up a Chalkboard Birthday Card.  Then I sized them so I could print and use for making different Birthday Cards.  The possibilities are endless!

Printable Sizes for Making a Birthday Card

Printable Sizes for Making a Birthday Card