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Handmade Flower Flip card






Just messing around on my computer, I took some simple lines and made them a little quirky, added a polka dot edge, then masked out a blackboard shape to use with a chalkboard looking font. I mirrored the chalkboard outline above and created a printable pattern to make a card. Once I had my basic design/pattern, I added layered pieces of colored paper over the front flower edge.

What’s nice about it, I can go in an change the colors of my patterns to make completely different cards. I’m totally loving my new envelope maker as I’m finding ways to use old sheets of paper that have been collecting dust for a while!

You don’t have to have a computer to make this card. You can start with a precut card stock card and create a cut out shape using a circle pattern that drops of the top edge.

But to add some fun, I imported it into my Cameo Silhouette program and went to work making the card easy to print and cut on my machine. ┬áHere’s what the revised cards look like!

Taking the Sunflower Chalkboard Card to a whole new level with my Silhouette.

Taking the Sunflower Chalkboard Card to a whole new level with my Silhouette.


Handmade cards



Printing and making my own stickers and card designs is so easy and fun. I draw my inspiration from all kinds of sources, keeping my colors and prints very simplistic. I love flowers and tend to use them a lot!

With this card, I made a background in my handwriting. I drew out the stickers I wanted to use and printed them on a sticker sheet and cut them out by hand. I used pop up foam circles to pop them off the page. The possibilities are endless!