Copic Sketch Markers – I feel an addiction coming on!


IMG_1598 IMG_1597


I’m not an artist by any means.  Well I guess it depends on the definition of artist.  So here is my first attempt at using Copic Sketch art markers.  I get tired of spending a lot more time trying to draw things on my computer so I thought I would wing it free-handed style and make a wedding shower card.  I drew my inspiration from a stamp and altered it to my liking.  My colors are few and far between since Copic Sketch markers come in over 350 colors.  I loved how I could make my own polka dots and it looks like patterned paper.

I have a lot more experimenting to do, but I do feel like this could be an addiction for me!  Coupons will definitely come in handy for future purchases.  Especially since the pens can run around $7/each.  To purchase at the best price on line, go to dickblick on line.  The price drops down closer to $5.25 each.


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