Bloom Where You Are Planted Canvas






Some people are “Inside the Box”.  Well, I am “Outside the Box”.  I’m started to get a feel for what comes natural to me and that is a sketchy look.  I don’t have to color in the lines.  I can doodle all I want.  I do say that I get a lot of my inspiration by looking at what others create.  I take all those images and come up with a general picture in my mind.  Sometimes it comes out pretty darn close, but most of the time, it is a completely different look.  This is probably one of my favorite canvas’s I finished.  The hardest part for me was putting the lettering on as I didn’t want to mess up the rest of my work.  I think, it turned out great.  I loved doing all the doodling and with each piece I learn something new.  Art is “Outside the Box”.  You have to take risks.  That’s the one thing I love about multimedia.  If you mess up, you can paint over it:)


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